Al Mudgett, the founder of Mudgett’s Monumentsstarted in the monument industry in 1936 in Vermont. He moved to Ohio with his wife, Lena, and four children and they started Mudgett’s Monuments in 1962, in front of their house, on East Pike in Zanesville, Ohio. Over the years, Al and Lena and their four children built up the monument business. Many years before Al and Lena retired, Kim Mudgett, one of their sons, decided to officially join the family monument business, while working around his job as a Zanesville firefighter.

In 1987, Kim and Margaret Mudgett took over the business and moved the business to its present location at 5705 East Pike, Zanesville, Ohio, which is only 1/4 of a mile away. Over the years, Kim and Margaret took pride in helping families create meaningful monuments to honor their loved ones. They also made a point to give back to the community by donating time, services, and public monuments, when they noticed a need. As time went on, Reid decided to join Mudgett’s Monuments and work with his Dad and Mom to make a career within the monument industry. Over the years, Reid has attended many monument training seminars at the Elberton Granite Association and the Monument Builders of North America Association and he was awarded a Mark of Excellence, in the design competition, presented at the 85th annual convention of the MBNA Association in Las Vegas. Reid continues to design and complete all the sandblast carvings and lettering that you see on all the monuments in our displays. He takes pride in creating the lasting monument that our customers have asked him to complete.

In January 2013, Kim and Margaret decided to retire and let the 3rd generation of the Mudgett family, Reid, and his wife, Lisa, take over the running of the business. Although Kim and Margaret have retired, you will still see them helping out around the shop, as their time permits. After all, this is a family business and the “family” is always welcome to come over. If you visit during the summer months, you will also see the 4th generation of the Mudgett’s, Allison and Josh, working and hanging out during the summer months.

Reid’s design skills and experience helping and working full time, in the family business, since he was a little one, and Lisa’s background with helping people understand their retirement investments, helping a financial advisor run his practice, and providing good customer service will benefit all the customers that come through the door. Reid and Lisa are looking forward to continuing to find ways to help people living in Southeastern Ohio, provide customers with many ideas for their monuments and make it as easy for them to memorialize and remember their loved ones.


Mudgett’s Monument’s top priority has always been and will always be our customer’s satisfaction. Selecting a monument for a loved one is a stressful task to complete and Mudgett’s Monuments will continue the family tradition of maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, without high-pressure sales, while delivering a product that families are happy with.

Mudgetts Monuments